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Bear vs. Bumblebee - This woodland entrapment game is a classic, abstract game like fox & geese. Play as the lone bear to try and get away with the honey, or play as the swarm of bumblebees and surround the bear to save the golden nectar! Bear & bumblebee pieces, microfiber gaming mat & rules.

 Buck and Bear - A woodland chase game through the forest to the finish line. It’s a crowded path in the wilderness - be careful not to get caught up in the animal crossing or get pushed back to the beginning! Buck & bear pieces, dice, microfiber gaming mat & rules.

Puzzle Ornament - This laser-cut ornament is also a 5-piece brainteaser puzzle! A movable Gordian knot is the central piece to this puzzle ornament. A QR code to the visual solution is included on the hang tag.